Andrew Bird & The Mysterious Production of Eggs

December 14, 2006


I stumbled upon a wonderful singer-songwriter/composer that I recommend you listen to: Andrew Bird. He has been steadily releasing albums since 1997. I say “stumbled” when in fact I was looking on iTunes for anything new by Rufus Wainwright and saw that “others who bought Rufus also bought Andrew Bird.” So I took a listen and was happy, very happy to find an amazingly talented fellow. I immediately bought the CD pictured above, and WEATHER SYSTEMS. He is a violinist, classically trained, although I don’t know what that means as his bio is sketchy.

What is amazing about his voice is that, whether he knows it or not, his voice channels voices we have all and know and have loved over the years:

Lou Reed, Jackson Browne, Rufus Wainwright, Donovan, a few Joni Mitchell slides, Jim Morrison, David Crosby, Chris Martin (Coldplay), Bono, and David Byrne. Well, that’s what I heard on my first listen. The more I listen to his voice, the influences fade, but they are there. Posed with these influences, real or imagined, his future looks bright to me.

And get this: the guy is a really good whistler. When he whistles, the chords drift back towards the 19th century American parlor song.

The songs are in the line of Lennon and McCartney and Rufus Wainwright. Smart understanding of how chords go. Great orchestration, effortless flow.

As I said, I don’t know much about him. Is he gay? I don’t know, I can’t tell. He doesn’t look gay, but since when has that been a criterion? But these lyrics have the answer. Or not.

But if you think there’s something else
Well you’re right, there is
There’s something else
But if you think I’m gonna tell you, think again
Why should I even think of telling you what there is
Yeah, ’cause silence is knowledge
And knowledge is power
I’m under explicit orders to dare not speak its name
Listen up, I just work here
Oh I dare not speak its name
I can’t keep talking about it
Oh, I dare not speak its name

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