Hollywood Holidays 2: Birthday bash

December 19, 2006

Daniel turned the big THREE-OH last week and we had a huge party on Sunday from two to seven. Dan’s mom, Josie, catered the party with the able assistance of D’s sister Julia, fed probably 125 hungry party people. Ham, mushroom tarts, a variety of homemade focaccias, lots of cheeses, wines, breads, and an amazing chocolate cake and yule log for dessert.

We have a good sized circle of friends and they all seem to get along well at parties. Lots of designers––interior, graphic, 3-D animators, systems analysts, trainers, hair stylist, massage therapist, scholars, special effects people, an opera singer, a handful of composers, teachers, retired Dean, film directors, and gosh, I lost track. People kept saying “gee I don’t have this many friends.” Daniel attracts friends and is a real people-person. I’m fortunate to have such a great partner. Fortunately our house could hold them all and the weather smiled and offered us a cool but sunny Sunday Hollywood afternoon backdrop.

At one point there was a whole group in our entertainment room playing couples tennis with our new Nintendo Wii and four wands. I loved just watching them without watching what they were doing on the big screen. It was so, so cyber-something.

The young-uns left by 7-ish, and some of us old farts hung around, Robert, Mark, Becca and I chatted for another hour. While Mark and Robert jabbered on about something, I grabbed Becca and we started free-form dancing all over the house to whatever music was on.

[Animated GIF from the Tango website]

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