The Stabbed Man-Snail G clef

December 27, 2006


BibliOdyssey has an odd exhibit today called “Chansons d’amour” involving snails. The erotic tone in the set is palpable. Here is one of the manuscripts.

I have to say that this is the coolest G clefs I’ve ever seen. Alright, the fact that the dude appears to be stabbing himself through the chest is a bit much. And that he is naked and looking somewhat ecstatic with his lower extremities somehow coming out of a snail is admittedly somewhat bizarre. His Snail-Crown is magnificent. Here is a close-up.


The french-burgundian parchment manuscript, ‘Chansons d’Amour’ – also known as ‘The Copenhagen Chansonnier’ [Thott 291 8ยบ] – was produced in the late 15th century. It consists of illuminated scores for 30 love songs, arranged for 3 voices.

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