Brain Age (the next day)

January 4, 2007


I took a series of test on my software package for the Nintendo DS, BRAIN AGE and didn’t fare so well. The first test asks you to describe what color you are seeing. There are only four colors and four words: red, yellow, blue and black. But sometime the words do not correspond to the actual color, and so your challenge is to turn off the part of your brain that wants to define the thing as a word, and describe only its color. The little microphone built into the DS hears you. Kinda. Sometimes you have to repeat a few times: “blue. Blue! BLUE! BLUE goddamit I said blue!” and it marks you wrong and the clock keeps ticking. The next test had little equations that you had to solve by writing them on the screen as fast as you can. For example: 1+1 and I write the number “2” on the screen. Sometimes my writing turned into the wrong number and sometimes I got the wrong answer. I mean, I really DO know that 2+5 is 7 and not 10, but I got that one wrong.

So by the end of the session, it said my brain age was 62. You can imagine I was not amused. Especially seeing that Daniel’s brain age is 26. I tried to do another session but was calmly told that you are only graded once a day.

You can be sure I was up at the crack of dawn doing my brain exercises proving to myself that I did NOT have a brain age of 62. I didn’t even have the courage to tell Daniel what a loser I was. So, I went down to my quiet space and spent my 20 minutes doing my brain exercises and voila! Today my brain age is 35! I feel young again.

I am encouraged to do this kind of exercise every day. It keeps track of my progress or lack thereof. If I can manage to keep it up I’ll give you a report in a month or two.

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