Alexandre Desplat gets a Golden Globe

January 16, 2007


Alexandre Michel Desplat was awarded a Golden Globe for best score in a motion picture. This is well deserved, and I hope that he goes on to get an Oscar as well. He is a terrific composer who incorporates elements of “pretty minimalism” from John Adams and Steve Reich but spares us the trance repetition. His orchestration reminds me of Reinhold Gliere (esp Symphony No.3) and it is clear he knows his Stravinsky, Ravel, and Debussy.

If you are looking for some wonderful orchestral music to sink your teeth into, buy the soundtrack to “The Painted Veil” and if you like that, buy the soundtrack to “Birth.” Between the two scores you’ll get a good idea of what Desplat sounds like. Such a relief to have a great and deserving composer get an award like this.

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