Angus and Thom’s concert

January 28, 2007

Angus and Thom came down from San Francisco to give a marvelous evening concert in our home last Saturday. Partners in life, they also love performing together: Angus plays piano, and Thom sings.

The first half include movements from some of Angus’s favorite piano music (Haydn, John Field, Poulenc) which he played with great flair. After an intermission, Thom joined him. What was interesting about the next part of the program is that they were all, but one, unannounced world premieres. Let me explain.

Angus loves to play the piano. Thom hears Angus play and practice, so much so that he begins to sing along. He either consolidates the top of the piano melody, or invents his own. But it doesn’t stop there: they both also write original lyrics to these pieces as well as adapt preexisting poetry. So in effect, they are creating a whole new repertoire of classical and romantic songs in the classical and romantic tradition. And it works really well. I can imagine many singers would love to get their hands on these little jewels.

The one “real” song, was my “Farewell” with words by Jim Kelly. There were an unusual number of sniffles at the end of that one. I’m sure the others did what I did––hold your breath and hope no one catches your eyes welling up.

The evening began with an orgasmic selection of fine cheeses from the Beverly Hills Cheese Store and the most amazing olives we have ever tasted. (Thanks to Daniel and Angus and Thom!) It ended with some lasagne for those who stuck around.


(Our new 7’3″ Feurich piano. Originally owned by Dr. Martin J. Nathan)

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