Show and Teach

February 12, 2007

I have instituted a new tradition in my 2 year core music theory class at UCLA: Show and Teach. These are ungraded 3 to 5 minute presentations by a member of the class that are, truth be told, variations on “show and tell” where music or something related to music is presented to the class, are usually topics outside the material covered in our class, and are topics that the students are passionate about, so the presentations are contagious. This gives the student the opportunity to be in the spotlight and gives the class a peak inside the presenter’s personality and taste. I find that this is helpful in bringing the more quiet students into the light, affording them more confidence amongst their peers. I include one or two questions about these presentations in quizzes, so paying attention is important. Show and teach also gives me, the teacher, the opportunity to see what this class in interested in.

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