Roger’s Schubertiad

February 16, 2007


For our third Ogden concert, our guest artist will be none other than ME, singing at the piano. A number of the songs that I used to play on the guitar I have now transcribed for piano–an interesting technique for sure. I will not be performing my music, but rather a handful of my favorite songs that I like to sing from the past forty years. Here is the songlist (artist::key::title)

Paul McCartney [G] Blackbird
Rufus Wainwright [Ab] The Maker Makes
Rufus Wainwright [Db] Poses
Rufus Wainwright [F] In a Graveyard
John Lennon [E] Hide Your Love Away
John Lennon [D] My Mummy’s Dead

Bob Dylan [Bb] Tomorrow is such a long time
Roger Bourland [A] Prelude for solo piano (1974)
Joni Mitchell [C] A Case of You
Paul McCartney [a] Golden Slumbers
Rufus Wainwright [F] Complainte de la butte
Gram Parsons [G] Sleepless Nights

No, I’m not starting a new career, just continuing the Schubertiad tradition.

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