Peter Sellars visits the task force

February 21, 2007

sellers.jpgMy old buddy from Harvard, Peter Sellars, was invited by our Dean to visit our music task force. The committee’s task is to dream up new ways of teaching core offerings in music that can be applicable to young performers, historians, composers, and world music students. We have been encouraged to think “blue sky.” Peter is perfect, if not Mr Blue Sky himself. His discussion of the [downward] momentum of classical music and the need of music education reform was inspiring. I pushed him on who? what? and how? and his blue sky became a bit more grey. I guess that will be OUR job as how to implement it.

I asked him whether he had a blog, imagining that his could be very popular. “Ten years ago, I realized I was working all the time and getting nothing done.” I assume “working all the time” meant working on the computer, having email, and modern communication. “I rarely use the phone. When I want to see someone, I get on the plane, visit them and spend the entire day with them. I want to be in the room with them, see their eyes, and visit in person. Too much is lost in email.”

Hmm, well good for you Peter, must be nice, but wow, that sounds like a LOT of travelling. Peter is not at all full of himself. He is affable, friendly, and gives the best hugs I think I’ve ever had from a friend! Thanks for your blue sky Peter.

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