Four Marian Songs (2006) by Roger Bourland

February 28, 2007


This was one of the pieces premiered last Thursday (2/22/2007).

Music by Roger Bourland, Words by William MacDuff

1. Santa Maria

2. Zdravo Marija

3. Lamentation

4. The Pilgrims’ Song

Juliana Gondek, soprano
Judith Hansen, piano

These songs were taken from the two-hour ROSARIUM, A DRAMA FOR CHORUS and ORCHESTRA (1999). The work explores two Marian apparitions, the first in Mexico (Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe), and the second in Medjugorje, Bosnia Herzegovina.


Santa María,
madre del mundo viejo,
madre del mundo nuevo,
del indio y
también del conquistador.

Contigo haremos
al Tepeyac un templo.
Contigo haremos
el canto y la flor.

Santa María,
somos el pueblo tuyo,
somos los mexicanos.
en la tilma de tu amor.


Zdravo Marijo,
milosti puna,
Gospodin s Tobom,
Ti medju zenama,
I blagoslovljen
plod utrobe Tvoje: Isus.

Sveta Marijo,
Majko Bozja,
moli za nas grjesnike
sada I na cas smrti nase.

[Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.]


God in Heaven, God in Heaven
Hear my song:
My spirit aches, my mind is torn
And when I should rejoice, I mourn
A world gone very wrong.

God in Heaven, God in Heaven
Hear me pray:
My body breaks, my city burns
If this is what devotion earns
Then let me go astray.

My enemy builds mansions of gold.
He fills his day with drunken celebration
Too galling to behold.
Where is his calamity!?

My family is scattered abroad.
My children toil at menial employment
And love no living god.
Where, then, is my victory!?

God in Heaven, God in Heaven
I am lost:
The night is dark, your Voice is still.
Must I who glorified your Will
Pay such a dreadful cost?


I was tormented by shadows,
pursued by whispers everywhere.

I brought my Fears to Mary
And much to my dismay
She wept a sea of bitter tears
And turned the skies to gray.

I clung forlorn to Mary
And begged her for a sign.
She challenged me to be reborn
A sign of God’s design.

Walk with us, talk with us,
Mother of Mercy.
Stay for us, pray for us,
Pray we are worthy, pray we are worthy.

I was blessed with riches,
but I could only see wretchedness.

I brought my Pain to Mary
But Mary merely smiled.
No wonder she could bear my pain
She buried her own Child.

I saved my Hope for Mary
For fear my Hope would spoil.
She sent me out to scatter Hope
Like seed on fallow soil.

Walk with us, talk with us, etc.
I was greedy, I was jealous,
Full of pride, full of malice.

And I brought my Shame to Mary
When I was at a loss.
“Cry out,” she said, “in Jesus’ name
And He will share His Cross.”

I sang my Love to Mary
And this is what I found:
The Sun and Moon and Stars above
Rejoicing at the sound!

© 2007 by Roger Bourland and William MacDuff.
Published by Yelton Rhodes Music

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