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March 1, 2007

Bionic Eye


© Mark Henderson

Well, it’s happening: a bionic eye is on the way. I love this brave new world!

Video for Book Nerds

“A stop motion video that took me 4 hours to make, i had to move the books 903 times, the books move around and do interesting things.” From Adamuk12321

Professor keeps records…and then some


21,098 packs of cigarettes. 21,194 bottles of soju. 227,423 pages of manuscript papers. A life of 70 years can thus be broken down into its component parts.

Kim An-je, 70, a chair-holding professor at Dankook University, has published a book marking his 70th year. His 2,700-page book contains nearly 360 items of his personal data. Over his long career, Kim has written 25 books and 780 research papers, and until August 2004 served as the chief of the presidential office’s commission on the relocation of Korea’s administrative capital. According to his records, he has taught 18,327 students.

Soap Bubble Tricks & Performance Video Keith Michael Johnson

And this is just good clean fun. Who knew bubbles could be so bubbledelic?

[a quadruple thanks to neatorama]

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