Rosemary gets icky, channels Beethoven

March 6, 2007

It’s getting like Harry Potter around here. I was innocently watching Robert Altman’s THREE WOMEN when all of a sudden the screen froze and who should appear in all her homely glory? Rosemary Brown, the official channeler of dead composers who has been overseeing my work with Ives and the rest. Well, she was not in a good humor to put it mildly. Here is our conversation to the best of my recollection:

Roger: Rosie? What’s wrong? Why do you look so terrible?

Rosemary: I don’t like the comments I’ve been hearing from your readers. They are thinking I was a phony. Larry even called me a bitch. I’m tempted to pull the plug on this whole project.

Roger: Rosie calm down girl! I think that people are really enjoying this quite a lot.

Rosemary: I feel it necessary to let these cads know that I am the real thing. Have you played them any of my inspired compositions?

Roger: No, I’ve been so busy fielding requests from all these composers I barely have time to have my own life.

Rosemary: Well, I see, so if you don’t have anytime to play my work, then I think we’ll have to just close up shop.

Roger: Wait! No, you can’t do that! I promise I’ll put something up right now.

Rosemary: Hrumph. (pause) Really? (pause) Like, what?

Roger: How about the Bagatelle that Beethoven gave you?

Rosemary: That’s the one Peter Katin played right?

Roger: Yes, that’s a spiffy performance.

Rosemary: Well, alright, but you tell those disrespectful readers of yours to hold their tongues until they’ve heard the music.

Roger: Promise.


[Peter Katin performs Rosemary Brown’s channeled composition, BAGATELLE “inspired” by Beethoven.]

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