Sleepy heads make progress in Denmark

March 12, 2007

99% of my class made it on time today with the time change and a cranky letter from me.

On the way home I heard a segment on the radio that told of a group called the “B society” in Denmark who have decided to fight back against the early-riser hold on their society. “‘Why should we have working hours forced on us like the monks and peasants of the olden days, if it’s totally unnecessary in the computer age?’ engineer Camilla Kring, 29, wonders and calls for a counter-attack of the ‘B Society’ against the “Tyranny of early risers.” (I found an article that covers the story online.) The early risers are referred to as the “A society” and comprise perhaps 75-85% of the world. The B society is no different than the A group, only in their bodies’ preference for sleeping for different parts of the diurnal day.

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