The first Bourlandiad

March 18, 2007

Since we have started a tradition of having little concerts in our home for friends, it seemed appropriate that I give a concert as well. The only music I have ever performed publically has been my music and pop music. I don’t play Mozart or Beethoven or Haydn piano sonatas in public. There are plenty of people that can do that.

Daniel and I put together a list of people we know who would likely appreciate hearing this kind of music and seeing that it was around 60 people and our home can only accommodate around 30, we decided to have 2 concerts. I then decided to have the first concert for the under-35 crowd and the 2nd one, over-35.

I was a bit nervous about the under-35 concert as much of the music was written before they were born. I was relieved that they seemed to enjoy the music.

The little concert went fairly well. My piano is so loud that I drowned my voice out several times despite trying to keep the damper pedal down and to play softly. I guess I’ll have to use a microphone next time–yuk. But then, I have never had voice lessons and am hardly a professional singer.

The song I nearly cut that seemed to draw the biggest response was “Complainte de la Butte,” sung by Rufus Wainwright on the MOULIN ROUGES film. John Lennon’s little song “My Mummy’s Dead” brought on some sniffles. Adrenaline wrecked my performance of Rufus’s “Poses” so Daniel suggested I move that to a later slot for the next concert.

For the next performance, I’ll have real musicians listening who likely had no idea that I was a closet folky and Beatles singer.

I’ve always wanted to be able to sing the art songs that I have written and will begin working on that goal with the intent of giving a concert of my own songs for next year.

When we debated buying the piano last year, it was Cameron Macnall who advised us to not postpone things that are important (he had 2 friends die in the past several months), and so we bought it instead of a new car. It was in that spirit that I felt compelled to give a concert of pop songs I like to sing–warts and all–for my friends. We just never know when things we take for granted will cease to be a possiblity.

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