Possum Death Spree

May 3, 2007

Today, POSSUM DEATH SPREE was released by AtomFilms.com. Atom Films is an internet movie company that is a showcase for young filmmakers. They commissioned Gareth Smith, Michael Horowitz, and Ari Sachter-Zeltzer to make a pilot film in consideration of making a series. They made POSSUM DEATH SPREE and asked me to do the music for it. Atom Films evidently loves the film and has ordered more. The film had been originally scheduled for release a few weeks ago, but in light of the Virginia Tech tragedy, it was delayed until today. Here is the film which is 4:30, and might be filed under horror-comedy. The gore is very funny, so even the light of heart will likely find themselves laughing as the blood goes flying everywhere. No possums were killed or maimed in this film. The score was done entirely composed using Apple’s Logic Pro 7.2.

WATCH the film on AtomFilms.com. (You’ll have to sit through a brief commercial at the beginning.)

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