David Lynch: Catching the Big Fish

May 9, 2007


I just bought and listened to the audio book of David Lynch reading his new “Catching the Big Fish.” It’s a marvelous peak inside his persona and creative process. I would have thought that he was a William Burroughs type character, or Jack Nicholson, or Dennis Hopper. You know, probably smokes a lot of dope, or used to. I mean, this is the maker of Blue Velvet and Eraserhead afterall. But I was surprised to discover that Lynch is an ardent practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, and cites Maharishi Mahesh Yogi specifically as a guru, or perhaps mentor.

His reading style is somewhere between Stephen King and William Burroughs, so it is ironic when he launches into heavily spirit-laced inspirational prose. His advice to filmmakers can easily be translated into whatever your passion is. I found the audio book an attractive “read.”


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