New ways to describe musical styles

May 13, 2007

The Rolling Stone has a regular section in its online magazine dedicated to new artists called ARTIST TO WATCH. In it they have photo equations that best describe what to suspect if you don’t have the courage to hit the play button on the sample song, and that song in this blurb is called “The Architect“. The artist is Wedge (aka Tommy Wedge). Right at the top of the article, before any text has appeared, we see this photo equation:


So (Cocteau Twins – 80’s hair) + Sigur Ros = Wedge (pictured below).


My mind reels with the possibilities of this way of describing music. There could be an entire blog dedicated to just such an exploration. A late night music nerd party would kick into high gear with such improvisational jousting.Here is a cue from the film NIGHT LIFE that I had to fight the director for. He wanted a guitar and harmonica. I said I wanted Mozart meets Rossini in the morgue. So that equation would be: (Mozart + Rossini) – blues.

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