Santo and Johnny Farina: Sleepwalk (1959)

May 15, 2007

Brad Wood sent this in, and with summer just around the corner, this seems a perfect song to get us ready. In this old video from the 50s, I think Johnny got the better deal. Santo seems to be chugging along but someone forgot to turn his guitar up. Oops. I love Johnny’s little rhythmic crouches. What else can you do with a steel guitar?

The comments on the original YouTube post offer these program notes:

This is a triple neck Fender steel guitar, not a lap steel (like Alvino Rey, Hawaiian music) which has one neck, therefore you can lay it in your lap. One like this is the video is very common to earlier country music from Hank Williams, Bob Wills to today. Now most use pedals (pedal steel) and knee levers. For the baddest boy on rock steel check out Robert Randolph BUT the overall BADDEST is Buddy Emmons, considered the best jazz steel ever. This however is a great, great classic–I love it.

Look up a place called The Video Beat on the Internet (try Google). This video is included in a DVD titled “1950s & 1960s Rock n Roll TV Nostalgia Vol. 2”. I purchased it last year, and it has lots of old TV rock performances.

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