Music textile

May 16, 2007

xyinteraction_wiki_geste04_20070222180558_20070222180614.gif“Music textiles” is a large tactile interface for playing electronic music. It was developed by Vincent Roudaud and Maurin Donneaud.

My fantasy runs wild: I imagine a new line of clothes where each piece of clothing is programmed to make a sound when touched. I could imagine my pants being a soft rain that fades in and out. My shirt could be a loop of distant birds. My shoes could have a dial for the foley sounds you are in the mood for. Troups marching? Dial 5. Walking through mud? Dial 8. Add echo to the existing sound you are making? Dial 7777. Dangle earrings could have a whole line of subtle sounds: wind chimes made of glass or wood or metal, the sound of a strike in bowling, or how about the doppler effect of a car going by? Well, maybe someday…

Source: we make money not
Maurin’s flickr site.
Their MySpace site (watch the videos)

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