Freddy and the Dreamers: I’m Telling You Now (1965)

May 21, 2007

“I’m Telling You Now” came out the same year HELP! did. Songs like this spelled the death of wholesome or naiive rock n roll. The psychedelic movement was about to happen. The Byrds had just released “Mr Tambourine Man” and things were starting to get very cool. The Beatles were about to go acoustic on RUBBER SOUL.

The move they are doing is called “The Freddy” and there is another song called “The Freddy” where they teach us how to do it (you really need to have both hands free to do it properly).

One interesting possibility is that Henry Kissinger appears to be playing guitar for the band (center). Note the numerous leaps for joy (not cool) and silly screams (oh puhlease).

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