Stravinsky: Sketches for Petruchka

May 24, 2007


A veritable treasure trove of manuscripts are now available online. The Juilliard Manuscript Collection is a flash-based website with images of 99 manuscripts, and 8000 pages of high resolution scans of manuscripts by “famous” classical composers. I immediately gravitated to Stravinsky, finding early sketches for PETRUCHKA, which started out its life as a piano concerto, so I wonder whether this passage is actually from it. The roots for this manner of composing, or sketching, was what later became known as a “cut-away score”–showing only the instruments that were playing. My theory teacher from UW-Madison, Robert Crane, didn’t not care for this tradition: “Silence is music too and the score should show that.”
[© Juilliard Manuscript Collection]

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