Winding down and winding up

May 30, 2007


The rest of the academic world has gone on their summer vacations while we here at UCLA are still working away. One and a half more weeks of class and then finals week, graduation and SUMMER!

. . .

So as the academic year winds down, I have noticed the most remarkable trend in my friends over the past 6 months: everyone is busier these days. Not just a few friends, almost ALL of them. People who used to have a lot of time on their hands are now working 10 hour days. Even many of my “retired” friends seem to be in non-stop mode. My partner who used to work out of our home and now works for Helio, is no exception. We used to be able to entertain almost any night of the week, as he was always home. No longer.

It makes me want to believe in astrology (it’s something in the stars), or that the earth’s magnetic poles are supercharging us into high activity. Or maybe it’s global warming, I don’t know but it’s the darndest thing.

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