New compositional projects for the summer

June 8, 2007


As if I didn’t need anything else to do, I have quite a bit of music to write this summer. Presently I’m working on POSSUM DEATH SPREE 2 for Atomfilms, soon to be followed by POSSUM DEATH SPREE 3. Five minutes each with music done on my computer, sounding like an orchestra. By the way, PDS 1 had over a half million watches in the first week. Wow! That just may be my most popular hearing yet!

Later this month I’ll be going to Palm Springs to try to finish my next Thornton Wilder chamber opera, MOZART AND THE GREY STEWARD. Mark Carlson may join me to veg out, read, compose, take dogs for a walk. Daniel will be staying here. I’ll work from 5 am to 4pm with little breaks for naps or water, pool/jacuzzi/pool/jacuzzi, then go see an afternoon movie, go out for dinner, come back, work a little, then go to sleep and get up at 5 the next day and do the same thing over again. I love composing in the desert because it’s so hot outside, all you can do is stay inside and work.

Then, I’m collaborating on a new musical, with a book by Mel Shapiro called THE ODYSSEY: HOMER IN CYBERSPACE.

Hold on to your seats boys and girls, it’ll be a wild summer her in rogerland!

[This photo is by Perry Scanlon and is available at M Modern Gallery in Palm Springs. ]


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