GP to Country Hall of Fame?

June 18, 2007

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Hardcore Gram Parsons fan Will Harnack has started an online petition to get his hero into the Country Music Hall of Fame. It won’t do much good this year, though – the petition went live a couple days after the first-round voting for this year’s Hall of Fame class ended. Besides, Parsons wasn’t on the nominees ballot, which is put together early in the year. Parsons, who fatally overdosed in 1973 and whose body was subsequently stolen and burned in Joshua Tree National Monument, certainly has some Hall of Fame-caliber credentials. His music, both solo and as a member of the Byrds, influenced generations of country-rockers and alt-country performers. He also launched the career of Emmylou Harris, who sang harmony on the two Parsons albums released during the singer’s lifetime. The bigger question seems to be: In a Hall of Fame that typically inducts only three members a year, does Parsons deserve inclusion before the likes of Roy Clark, Tom T. Hall, Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Rich, the Stanley Brothers, the Statler Brothers and Mel Tillis – all of whom still await their inductions, as well? — Brian Mansfield

I, for one, would answer YES on that Brian. Bringing country music to the baby boomers was a huge task and and talent, and his influence can still be heard today.

Speaking of Emmylou, here she is talking about Gram:

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