Ricky Nelson: Honeycomb

June 20, 2007

Here is a video of Ricky Nelson singing “Honeycomb.” I”m not sure of the date but I’d say this is somewhere between 1958 and 1962. You hear all the difficulties involved in being a child actor, but when I look at Ricky’s face I see a fairly mellow kid. It must have been difficult being Ricky Nelson. Look at those eyelids. When he blinks they stay shut just a fraction of a second longer because they are so heavy. And that lower lip. It’s a real challenge holding up that big fat pouty lip and singing at the same time. And that sphinx gaze keeps him completely in control of the scene.

Wyatt Kindcaid wrote these notes about the song on the YouTube post of this video:

The backup singers in this video are The Four Preps. Also the blonde girl Ricky kissed (on the cheek) is actually his aunt. She married his uncle Don Nelson who was about twenty years younger than Ozzie. I saw her on a biography of the Nelsons on A&E Biography which i taped. Where’s Jimmie Rodgers video of Honeycomb? I bet it was taken down because of copyright infrigments.

Do you think Ricky had a botox treatment before this session?

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