Hollywood Hills parties

July 4, 2007

Today is July 4th and I’m staying home trying to compose with parties going on on both sides of our house. To the north is an actress from CSI and her Latino husband and their 2 year old. The husband teaches salsa lessons and I hear loud aggressive Latin music with the husband playing along on congas (outside). Sometimes the child will pick up an instrument and try to play along, and none the less provides a not-quite-in-the-groove counterpoint. They are a sweet young family. As I walked out into the backyard, I heard strains of giggling Mexican girls speaking in Spanish, and then some Hollywood dude (I can’t see them, only hear) going on about something. A child screams and cries and drama happens. The phone rings and I go back inside.

After the call I went out to the driveway to throw the ball for the dogs and experienced the party to the south. Gary is a gay dentist and he likes to have parties with other gay dentists and their extended, uh, families and friends. Disco is the norm for these pool parties. Nothing naughty, but 30 to 40 gay men in bathing suits: all with perfect teeth.

These parties only happen once or twice a year, so it’s part of living in this neighborhood. Ah Hollywood!


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