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July 17, 2007

Early July seems to be party time for many of our friends. We had to turn down attending the Roving Church of Fun’s Harry Potter day in order to see R&P whom we had not seen in a long time. P, an internationally known interior designer, had just finished a big job and was given a handsome bonus and felt compelled to treat us all to a fabulous dinner at Hotel Bel Air. P and I shared some terrific wine, had fois gras and a rack of lamb. The cognac ended up giving us both a hangover the next day, but it was a great time.

The next evening we went to RC’s party. RC did art direction for a number of big blockbuster films and is just back from the arctic having found a perfect place to shoot the next Star Trek film. His last party ended with his back porch collapsing with a few people on it (no one was hurt). The porch is now rebuilt and he called his party “The Big Deck Party” to celebrate the larger, stronger version now firmly in place. Actors, old friends and other Hollywood people chatted the night away. A couple of brave gals stripped and jumped in the pool. We left early, but I’m sure more joined in.

On Sunday, Josie, Julia, Joe, Daniel and I went to see the new Harry Potter film. We enjoyed it a lot. Joe (who does special effects, now doing the new Get Smart) thought it was one of the best. I felt the music was effective although not at all memorable. The music was expertly done, but doesn’t draw attention to itself in the same way John Williams drops in unforgettable tunes for us to take home.

On Thursday, I’ll return to Palm Springs to work more on my chamber opera and musical while Angie comes from NYC to stay with Daniel who must stay in LA. I’ve ordered the British adult version of the new Harry Potter book from which will be arriving a day before the US gets its version mailed.

Alix sent me this depressing article about the decline of our oil based economy over the upcoming decades. It makes me appreciate the golden times we live in right now.

I think I’ll take the bus to work today.

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