The rainbow lawyers’ birthday party party

July 30, 2007

My readers last ran into M & C last year with The Hippy Wedding, Part 1 and 2. A year later, they are in town and are hosting a party for their friends here in Los Angeles (they live in Washington D.C.). For the record, neither M or C are hippies. Their parents are. There are remnants of their hippy parentage: they both have amazing back tatoos; and they recently spoke to a pet psychic who channeled some comforting information to them both about their recently deceased cat.

You’d think a party of lawyers and their wives/lovers would be preppy, hip ultra-handsome model-type lawyers. Well, they were handsome and hip, but white, no. One quarter were various shades of black, several half black half Asian, a number of black and hispanic mixes, a few chicana/os, and the rest Asian. M, C, and I were the only white folks. The “pasty” ones as Mrs Y calls us.

We bought a new propane grill, assembled nobly by Daniel and M, and M proved himself to be a master griller and cooked up Korean barbeque, steaks with a Texas rub, sausages, chicken and a huge variety of vegies that he and Daniel and C got at the Hollywood/Ivar farmers market.

I retired early and fell asleep watching some Densel Washington movie. The party dwindled to M and C, with another couple, and Daniel having a Wii tournament downstairs.

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