Bob Dylan: Oh, Sister (Andrew Bird)

August 1, 2007

Andrew Bird is one of the great talents today who, like Rufus Wainwright, straddles popular and classical traditions. Here we hear Andrew tap into his Dylan/folk roots. Here “Oh, Sister” sounds an awful lot like Neil Young’s “Helpless.” He utilizes a loop machine (in the tradition of Terry Riley and Imogen Heap) and lays down a loop, then plays over it. He is a singer, a whistler, a violinist, a guitarist, and a one man band. If you don’t know him, buy his work. He is worth knowing and supporting.

Andrew Bird sings Bob Dylan’s “Oh, Sister” at Kägelbanan in Stockholm, Sweden, March 2007

Bob Dylan: “Oh, Sister” (performed on “The World Of John Hammond”, September 1975)

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