Evy Pilarove: Oliver Twist (with Waldemar Matuska)

August 9, 2007

Here is a video guaranteed to put you in a perky mood. It’s one of those “gosh life is great and my diet pills have just kicked in gosh darnit I’m gonna clean this place.” Which is what? A school room? So this is a video about a female highschool janitor fantasizing about something? And not just one janitor, a whole room full of them. Wowzer! I’m not clear on Waldemar’s (hmm, sounds like Voldemort) role in this clip. He just kinda stands around with that “oh those girls” kinda look on his face. He must be gay to be so uninterested. And in this video, who is Oliver Twist and why do we care?

It’s downright odd that we hear the actual sound in the room, as when she tosses the bowls on the table, but she is clearly, and poorly, lip-syncing. It is a cheery little piece though. Have a nice day. Blink blink.

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