Tools for the Chair

August 10, 2007

wand.jpgAlden Ashforth bought a gavel some years back for the Chair of our department at that time, Tom Harmon, and I have inherited it in my new capacity as the new Chair. I guess I’ll use it if people start shouting and have to bang it against the table shouting “ORDER! ORDER!” Hmm, doesn’t really sound like my style, but I’ll keep it close by just in case.

After several meetings where people made appointments to come and ask my blessing, approval, or permission to do something, I kept looking around for a wand to tap the air and “make it so.” So last night I impulsively decided to buy a wand for those moments when I declare or make pronouncement to “Make it so!” *ding* Or, “I approve!” *ding* or better yet “THE GREAT AND POWERFUL OZ HAS SPOKEN!!” *ding*

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