Ian Andrews: A Million Angels (1985)

August 12, 2007

A fascinating find is Ian Andrews’ video “A Million Angels.” The various comments from the people on YouTube talk about it in warm and fuzzy way (“those ‘old’ clips” and “a classic”) so I guess I missed this one when it first came out. I found the music annoying on first listen, but “got it” after two or three more. The fascinating part of this “found object” video is the fundamentalist preacher, but we only see his flattened 2-D almost cartoon-like shape and body movement. It seems as though he is singing it but he isn’t. The sound world here is dominated by the old Fairlight synthesizers of the mid-80s. The notes provided by Tom Ellard say:

(By request) This 1985 video was created in real time as a video ‘jam’ or improvisation. It features a preacher scratched by Ian Andrews on betacam tape, fed through Fairlight CVI and analogue video synthesiser.

The CVI signal is notable for not filling the whole screen (it had a resolution of 256 squared) and introducing a delay that causes the signal to shift to the right.

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