Four Roger Bourlands

August 18, 2007

For the sake of anyone trying to find “Roger Bourland” I know that there are at least four of them.

My father’s father was a Roger but died some years back, so I’ll exclude him. My father, James Roger Bourland, Jr., is a retired Methodist/UCC minister who lives with my mother in Sun City West, Arizona. He is now an active blogger with three blogs, and has picked up photography again as a passionate hobby. His blogs are:

There’s Always Something where he opines on politics and life in general.
East of Eden is a wabi sabi, zen type blog for concise pithy thoughts and posts.
more than we thought is his one-a-day photo blog that is quite popular.

The next RB is roger bourland, who is a wedding photographer and no relation to my father. I don’t know him, I think he lives in Santa Barbara, CA and he actually makes his living as a photographer, unlike my father or me who do it as a passionate hobby. So if you need a photographer for your wedding, contact roger bourland and not me or my dad.

The next RB is me, Roger Bourland III, yes I am the third, but I don’t usually use that suffix, and my nickname growing up was “Bo.” I never had the James in my name. My dad dropped the James for most of his career and then added it back at some point, so technically I’m not really the IIIrd. I am a composer and professor of music at UCLA, who also blogs and is a non-professional photographer (see my website for my pics).

And lastly, my nephew, James Roger Bourland IV, is the 13 year old son of my brother, Andrew — himself a master blogger (see and founder of Click Z — who lives with his family in Andover, MA. “Little” Roger is growing in leaps and bounds and is a hard core baseball enthusiast and does not have a blog or take photos.

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