The New Christy Minstrels: Green Green (1963)

August 26, 2007

This was a big song in my life pre-Beatles life. My parents bought all of their early albums in the 60s. The New Christy Minstrels were a major force in the early 60s folk scene and are still going today. The lead singer in this old video is Barry McGuire, later became known for that famous protest song “Eve of Distruction.” There are no close ups on the group, but if my memory serves me well, the two women broke off one day and formed Jackie and Gayle. The Hawaiian guy, Larry, later became a member of the Association (“Cherish”), and Gene Clark was to eventually become a founding member of the Byrds. This performance is their first on that folk source of the early 60s “Hootenany.” What I hadn’t known is that the group was made up of soloists, which explains the effusive, almost over the top enthusiasm in their singing styles. Good memories.

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