Cooking class and the end of summer

August 27, 2007


Yesterday our home turned into a Hollywood Cordon Bleu. Josie, Daniel’s mom, trained as a professional chef, held a cooking class, Jenny, Makiko, Julia, Lisa, Jane and Connie all came over for a class. All the husbands came later and joined me in the smoking room, wearing smoking jackets, smoking cigars and drinking brandy. Well, that’s not really true. We stayed in the media room drinking wine and watching movies until we were called to dinner. We sat down at the table and all the beautiful cooks surrounded us with the fruits of their labor. We men felt so chauvinistically guilty just sitting there getting served, but we got used to it quickly.

Like much of the rest of America, the summer is winding down for us. However, in that UCLA doesn’t start school till the end of September, my summer gets to be a bit longer. We’re leaving for Spain this Friday for a week and a half and we’re all really looking forward to it. M and J, Daniel and I, and J and W will be renting a villa on the Costa Brava for reading, eating, composing (for me), and all the other stuff you do on vacation. DM will be house sitting for us (he’s a trained killer, so if anyone has any idea about breaking into our house, you’ve been warned) and he’s looking forward to spending most of the time making love to our piano.

My honeymoon period as Chair is windiing down and the roar of the approaching academic year is becoming louder. My faculty is paid on a 9 month cycle, but I’ve still been sending them emails, making them do a little work during their time off. I look forward to trying on my first academic year as Chair as many exciting new projects are about to be set in motion.

And as my Dad reported in his blog today, I too smell the seeds of fall in the air. The days are getting shorter, mornings cooler. The summer of 2007 has been a good one.

[Image: Monet – Wheatstacks, End of Summer (1890-91)]


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