Roger Bourland: Shasta (1991)

September 3, 2007

Shasta (1991)
Music: Roger Bourland
Mark Carlson, flute (pictured below; photo by RB)
Yelton Rhodes Music
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Mark Carlson
Shasta refers to Mount Shasta in Northern California – a magical mountain rich with mystery. This nine minute rhapsody sings magical tunes to the sacred peak in an electronic orchestration whose ensemble of synthesizers (on CD) more resembles “New Age” music than it does a traditional acoustic or electronic chamber music aesthetic. But there are too many notes to be “New Age.” The musical language bounces from influence to influence: American music theater, jazz, Pat Metheny, Roger Bourland, Stravinsky, and whatever else you hear. Shasta is comprised of an introductory section, a developmental second section followed by a central aria with one variation, a truncated and varied return to the second section and a closing “bookend” echo of the opening. The work is dedicated to Mark Carlson and Charles Swigart.

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