Daily duties with the dogs

September 4, 2007


Having two male 5-year old Italian Greyhounds requires certain daily responsibilities. After being fed, the most important activity is activity, or exercise. Our dogs get very high strung and snappy when they don’t have exercise. (Hmmm.)

Every day at three pm, I throw the ball and play tug with them. Giaco loves to catch the ball best. Cody prefers tug. Cody is best at tug. Giaco is best at ball. (Hmmm.)

Giaco is offense. His job is to catch the ball, Cody doesn’t even try, but he runs to catch it with Giaco. After Giaco turns around to bring the ball to me, Cody, who plays defense, tries to get the ball away from him and away from me — that is unless I agree to play tug, his favorite game. Cody sits many of the throws out, preferring to just watch. Only when I say “oh! Good catch Giaco” that he dashes down to try to wrest the ball from his opponent. (Hmmm.)

If I come home at 4, or, god forbid, 5, the dogs will NOT allow me to check my email, make phone calls, but surround me and push me out to play. The rhythm is a nice one as it keeps me in shape as well. We have some exercise equipment and a stationary bike near where I throw the ball, so I can do a set of something waiting for the ball to come back.

These dogs are particularly affectionate. Other duties we have to them is to love them. Cody wants to be sitting next to a human at all times if possible, yes, a true lap dog. Giaco has the bizarre habit of hugging. He stands on his hind legs (while you are sitting down) puts his legs on your shoulder, and then presses the side of his face to the side of my face. We thought that it was because he sees US hug so much, but I met one of his cousins the other day and SHE loves to hug as well. Hmmm, what a lovely genetic trait!

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