Mama, don’t let your children be rock stars

September 16, 2007


The Smirking Chimp dug up a marvelous piece of reseearch from Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, is entitled “Elvis to Eminem: Quantifying the price of fame through early mortality of European and North American rock and pop stars.” Why am I not surprised that rock stars’ health is not as robust as they get older? Look at the graph above and you’ll see that European’s are generally healthier than Americans. Smirk points out that European’s have better government supplied health care, whereas unless American rockers were smart when they earned the big bucks (they rarely were), they likely don’t have the kind of insurance that those of us with regular jobs have.

So, parents, if your kids decide to be rock stars, emphasize that they get their health insurance plans in line as soon as they leave home!

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