Berlioz scolds Roger

September 20, 2007

Hector Berlioz: Happy fall Roger, it has been a long time since we have chatted!
Roger Bourland: Hector! What a surprise! What brings you here? Rufus news?
HB: I trust you are attending his performance of the Judy Garland tribute at the Hollywood Bowl?
RB: Oh yes, I’ve had tickets for a year. We’re going with Frank and Terry. I just hope it doesn’t get rained out, as a storm is coming this way tonight.
HB: I have connections, and will make sure that doesn’t happen.
RB: Gee, must be nice to be dead. All the connections you must have boggles the mind.
HB: Er, yes. Actually, Harriet and I have had a marvelous summer traveling all over this part of the Milky Way. That green button, you know, the one that humans can’t touch, wow! The places it can take you are, well, I can’t tell you, but you have much to look forward to after you’re dead.
RB: I can wait. Now, why are you here?
HB: It’s about that article you wrote about my fellow countryman, M. Boulez. It was not very sensitive of you.
RB: Sensitive?
HB: You say you can’t imagine him crying, or anyone else, listening to his music. Now, I must admit that I have never cried over his music, but he is French, and gosh darn it, you can’t insult my colleague like that.
RB: Is that an insult? I can’t imagine Lucky Pierre giving a rat’s ass whether anyone cried over his music or not.
HB: Well, that may be so, but I know, and this is a secret––don’t tell anyone––I have found him, two times, playing Rufus Wainwright’s “Dinner at Eight” and sobbing profoundly. Now THAT seems like someone who is in touch with his emotions.
RB: Gosh Hector, I guess you’re right. He must have feelings after all.
HB: Well, I didn’t want to make too big of a deal of it, but after all, he IS Pierre Boulez and he deserves a great deal of respect.
RB: I imagine he already has it from the 2% of the French population that adores his music.
HB: Now don’t get smart with me young man.
RB: [laughing] I won’t, I’ll dig out my “I prefer Boulez” button and wear it all week.
HB: I’ll bring you up to date with my lessons for Rufus, but I wish to enjoy my last few days of Indian summer as you American’s call it.
RB: Ah! I look forward to it. I hope he has been a good student.
HB: [yelling] Yes dear, I’ll come to do the dishes in a moment I’m just finishing up with Bourland. Yes he has, but I have to go now, so, more later. Hugs to Daniel.
RB: And to Harriet.

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