Jenny at the Dali Museum

September 22, 2007


One of our traveling companions was Jenny, who is a regular reader of this blog, and a great friend. In Spain, we went to Figueres one day to see the Salvador Dali museum (where he is buried). There are many terrific and so so works in an amazing building. Wes OD’d on Dali and has sworn to never look at another Dali ever again. I enjoyed it immensely, although the place was kept at a very warm temperature. Towards the end of our visit there, Jenny and I wandered off to see a part we had missed. We both have a TERRIBLE sense of direction, and so, well, we got lost in the Dali museum. At one point, I looked through a window and saw the rest of our party down on the 1st floor. I pointed this out to Jenny and she looked down at them. And SNAP, I got this terrific picture of her.

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