A breather

October 29, 2007


It’s the beginning of 4th week here at UCLA. It’s been a fun challenge learning to figure out my new schedule as a Chairman of a music department, a composer whose commissions keep coming, and a plain ol’ guy who likes to sit around and do nothing from time to time. My daily blogging has suffered a bit these days with not enough hours in a day.

I’m enjoying the rhythm and challenges of being Chair. There is so much to be done that seems obvious. I’ve made lists and am trying to follow through with what I’ve said I’d do. Over the next few weeks I’m visiting classes and lessons to know first hand how my colleagues teach. I am not staying awake at night worrying about departmental drama, so I’m happy about that.

I just finished the third installment of Possum Death Spree, and Gareth and Mike seem very happy with it. Atomfilms wants to have it out by Halloween, so I’ll post it here when it gets released.

Mel Shapiro came over for the first time yesterday to hear a chunk of one of the scenes from Act 1 of HOMER IN CYBERSPACE Part 2 and was very happy with what I played him.

I’ve started reading the LA Times again, finding that online news is not as succinct as a simple newspaper, even though I prefer the “clean hands” of the internet over the black hands of paper reading.

Nowadays, when I’ve gotten a good amount of composing done, I reward myself by watching a movie. I’m still getting six at a time (3 from Netflix and 3 from Blockbuster).

Now I hope to find a little time where I just sit around and scratch my stomach and fart, doing nothing. That part is a little tricky these days, but I know it’s important to budget that time. So if I can figure out how to combine that with some regular exercise I’ll be in good shape.

I try, from time to time, to project into the future and imagine myself in so-called retirement where I can read and blog and watch movies all I want. Sigh… I can wait, but gee that sounds good! As good as it sounds, I’m still happy thinking “these are the good ol’ days.”

[Picture of RB by Daniel Shiplacoff. I’m smoking my one Cuban cigar a year that I allow myself.]


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