On a composing jag

November 8, 2007


When I am working non-stop on a piece of music, the Dionysian arrow pushes onward to the next musical phrase regardless of whether I’m talking to someone, watching a movie, reading a book, trying to take a nap. The musical thrust just won’t leave me alone. I’ll be out of the house working, playing, eating, whatever, and all I can think about is getting back to writing music.

HOMER IN CYBERSPACE is supposed to be a “musical”–whatever the hell that is. It sure doesn’t sound like any musical I’ve ever heard. I played it for Mitchell who said he thought it was more like an opera. Ah well, I’m not going to worry about it.

It’s stylistically all over the place and I love it. That being said, it still sounds like me. Using electronic sounds enables me to emulate popular orchestrations more readily than trying to do so with a symphony orchestra.

Mel [Shapiro] is very excited about what I’ve played for him so far. It’s always nice to know that your collaborator is into what you are doing!

[Musical excerpt from “Musettes and Memoirs” for solo oboe by Roger Bourland; 1974)

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