Dogs baby sitting

November 12, 2007

Whenever I stretch out on the floor, my dogs assume that I’m dying and they immediately come and start licking my face. I’m not a big fan of getting licked in the face by my dogs, but I realize that this instinct could save my life some day, so I’ve learned from Daniel to thank them and gently push them away.

My aunt sent me a longer version of the following video where an Italian Greyhound, who looks very much like our Cody, is baby sitting. There is a long period where the two of them are just sitting there. Then the baby begins to cry for quite some time. Then this clip begins and you see the baby being “calmed” by the IG’s howling. Howling is what these dogs have to do from time to time (they ARE called HOWLNDS aren’t they?). Our dogs howl when intense fire alarms sound, and especially when old friends arrive. The more they love them, the more they howl.

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