On a case

November 22, 2007

Much to my surprise I was selected to serve on a jury. And of course I can’t tell you about it until 90 days after the trial, and then I can sell my story to the tabloids. When asked about my marital status, I replied “domestic partner” and as the case involved issues of sexual preference, the lawyers may have found an ally in me. Next time I’ll just keep my mouth shut. The judge probed to discover that I am the Chair of Music in the new UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music and I made some comment to the effect of “yeah, I’m missing lots of meetings so that I can be here with you” and everyone cracked up.

I befriended a Professor from USC and we’ve commiserated but ultimately realized that it is our duty and we should embrace it with enthusiasm. We suffered by having a fabulous lunch at Kendall’s next to the Music Center. I ordered Japanese oysters for lunch and a Shiraz rose with my nicoise salad. That felt much better.

I was told to sign up Thanksgiviing week because I could get out of Thursday and Friday if called. Don’t believe it. I’ll be in court on Monday.

Your civil servant,

Juror 2

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