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December 9, 2007

My life over the past week has been catching up at school after being away on a trial, and writing music. Oh yes, and learning to sing it. Mel is coming over shortly and I’ll be singing about a half an hour worth of music for him. I have to say it’s going really really well and sounds great. I sang it for Mitchell last night and he liked it and was relieved that it “didn’t sag” as it went along — evidently, a deadly habit in some lesser 20th century operas and musicals. Later this week I’ll be singing for the tecnhical crew, or whoever wishes to hear the composer sing it in progress. I have a huge range, and am not necessarily strong in all ranges, but I’m shameless, and I know how it goes.

Here is the NOTE SHAPE of the piano-vocal score for a song from Act 1 scene 5 called “Stephen Hawkings came to dinner.” Look at the shape and you can see that it’s a two part piece with a little introduction that doesn’t repeat. Now I will orchestrate this music for an electro-acoustic ensemble that lives inside my computer.




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