Rats away

December 15, 2007

My ongoing battle with rats continues. I have grown to detest the snap traps, which have been referred to as dull guillotines that often just leave the poor rat without a limb or a broken back or some other horrifying wound. It just seems too cruel. So I started looking for alternatives. Wikipedia has an informative selection that some enterprising person put up, some are quite funny.

My guess is that I’ll try the screen type trap where they walk in and can’t walk out. I was briefly tempted by the Rat Zapper which gives them a quick shock that stops their hearts and lungs. Yuk. But get this: the RADAR mousetrap kills rats with carbon dioxide and then notifies the user by email that the trap can be quickly emptied and reset. My oh my, our lovely technology.

Ralph Waldo Emerson allegedly said “Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.”

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