Wild Kingdom just above Hollywood Blvd.

December 15, 2007


Our backyard is quite popular with Hollywood wildlife at this time of the year. We have a grand old persimmons tree that gives us far more fruit than we need, as well as two orange trees. In our backyard, we have possums, raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, skunks, and all of the neighborhood birds. Fortunately the coyotes and bobcats can’t get into our backyard. Our dogs, Cody and Giaco, are extremely protective of our, er, their yard, and so if any animal dares to trespass, they are both there yapping at them until they leave. We also have 2 African Grey parrots that spend their days outside, in cages. Lately, the neighborhood hawks have decided that our birds would be a lovely treat. A couple of weeks ago Daniel found a hawk with a nearly 5 foot wing span, trying to get into their cages with much commotions. Even Daniel was a bit nervous to shoo off this rather large bird. Yesterday I got a call from one of fellows who works in our house telling me that another hawk or wild bird was doing the same thing, trying to get into Erin’s cage. He came out to clap his hands but the bird just went up to the orange tree, only to come right back, which he did for the next two hours until the sun began to set and he gave up.

Wow, who would have suspected such wild life in a property in LA just 3 houses north of Hollywood Boulevard.

[The image above is a rare version of an African Grey taken from the Audobon Society website and is from 1809.]


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