Bourland’s blog is 2 years old

December 31, 2007


Two years ago, my brother, Andrew Bourland, and my partner, Daniel Shiplacoff, urged me to start blogging and set me up on a WordPress platform and away I went. It started originally as Red Black Window, or, and then changed to my name after the first year. The first name came from the name of the middle movement of my composition for soprano saxophone, viola, and cello called “Three Dark Paintings.” It’s initials, RBW, also is a combinatiion of my initials and the initials of Rufus Wainwright, whose music I have written a book on. Yes, this blog started as a tool to research my book on Rufus, and then morphed into what it is today. The byline “…writes about music and life” became the new broad focus that allows me to talk about almost anything.

By the way, my book on Wainwright’s music is about 2/3rds done and on hold until I finish my current musical project. My goal is to have the first draft done by summer 2008. The book is NOT a biography. It is an analytical look as to how his music works.

Back to the blog, I appreciate that my readers have not left even though I cannot post as often as I’d like to. One rather hilarious result of posting stuff that happens in my life under BourlanDiaries, is that I’ll be telling someone something socially, and they’ll nod and say “yeah, I know, I read your blog.”


[Illustration: chart of visitors to in 2007. Provided by Google Analytics. The spike in the middle represents 694 visitors on one day. This was the day I announced that I had been appointed the new Chair of the UCLA Department of Music. Second chart is site usage data for the year 2007.]

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