Fiona Apple: Extraordinary Machine (live)

January 10, 2008

This is another in a series of songs that I heard driving down the street in LA listening to KCRW and a song came on that nearly made my have an accident. This one is the formerly very young and cool artist, now older and more mature Fiona Apple. Her most recent album (2007) is called “Extraordinary Machine” and the title cut has the same name. On the album, this accompaniment is played by an instrumental ensemble (quasi-orchestra, probably sampled). Here, on the TODAY show, she is accompanied only by a guitar and bass. This is 21st century 3-part counterpoint at its finest. I had no idea that this song could be so cool with just bass and guitar, and of course Fiona. I love how this song straddles pop, Kurt Weill/cabaret, and art song.

[The opening introduction is very loud, so turn down your speakers until the intro is over and the music starts.]

And, uh, what is the story with the lame applause? It was the camera man, the cue card guy, and Fiona’s driver?

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