The Doors: When the music’s over (alt version)

January 17, 2008

I hadn’t realized that it was Ray Manzarek playing the bass on his organ/proto-synth, but duh, they didn’t have a bass player. I love Ray’s focussed bobbing as he plays. The dutiful drummer is always there, doesn’t seemed stoned out, ready to move when HE does. The guitarist infuses his frizzy hair into his fuzz-face effected guitar sound, watch out. And Jim Morrison. He’s like a cobra, sleepy, patient, waiting to strike. And then that blood curdling scream. I’m trying to imagine what he was “on” –– my guess is booze. He seems slightly soporific, with a swagger, and a bit of bellicosity. Whatever, this is a terrific alternate version of the song, much longer. I had never realized the loop/vamp aspect of this. It did come out around the same time as Terry Riley’s IN C.


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